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Our ambition and journey investigates narratives of the human identity. Created in 2015 by founders Ian Barrington and Alex Fisher as an identity to move and work across global communities. 

The studio came to realisation during 2020 as a new vehicle for creative vision in film, writing, sound and research as an independent studio. The studio itself is designed to work on multiple projects as a flexible multi-zoned collaborative workspace. We believe a productive creative culture comes from a humanist work-focused environment.

We specialise in cinematic motion picture experiences delivering high definition film and photography, from concept to direction and post production.

With over thirty years in design, film, photography and visual arts, we create engaging video, aerial, 360, green screen and photographic portfolios including in studio and location shoots, working with the latest in post production to finish your projects with stunning graphics and sound. 


Once Upon a Time - Origin Story

Image by American Public Power Association

Droga do Polska

Book of Kol

Book of Kol