As a Creative Director, it fills me with pride to create beautiful things that people around me can enjoy.

Working within film, design, fine art, and research projects I enjoy bringing my clients’ visions to life through my work as an artist. I’m always pushing myself in order to improve and gain skills in the industry. Check out the rest of my site in order to read about past work and view samplings of recent projects.

Ian Barrington (b.1973, UK) multi-disciplinary practice is concerned with paradigms of identity and belongingness of which he investigates through sculptural processes, writing and film media that isolates and draws attention to his own boundaries, sometimes pointing to concerns and limitations of his physical and social mobility through abstract geodesic structures touching on representations of internal systems of the body toward a de-ethnicization of materiality performed as a reflection of the self, his inquiry into media and form represent infrastructures of our built environment and everyday objects rendered inert from its former physicality or displaced, sometimes suggesting broken systems or the stratification of society, his work is informed by interdisciplinary interests and reflective discussion into culture, tradition and modernity building on narratives of historical and post-contemporary issues including a re-empowerment of individuality.

Currently, he is investigating the phenomena of dialogue and phonology, exploring the power and persona of the author. His upcoming novel set in Central Europe explores identity and geopolitical espionage, expanding his inquiry into comparative vernacular systems. Ian has appeared in major film productions and smaller independent arthouse projects, which continue to inform his practice and research into dualism.


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Ian is actively engaged in building sustainable infrastructures and opportunities, working toward solutions for new creatives researching and establishing creative entrepreneurship in emerging economies working with a number of organisations and independent creatives across the UK, Europe and Asia as well as an art producer, curator, and non-executive director at NGO Narrative Movements, and Bangla Biennale Art Fair based in West Bengal, India.