CasaGrassi Serole Residency. Italy. 2019

Creative Brief: Create a new identity from one of selected objects donated by household across Piedmont.

Team members selected a number of objects to transform. My selection includes an old ox yoke, turned to modernised human yoke and footwear. 

Purpose/ Narrative: The yoke is todays "invisible assistant" for the modern company and style conscious user. created to inform not restrict the user with considerate movement vices.

Casa Grassi
CasaGrassi Serole
Serole, It.
Artist Dom Ka
Air Just Walk
Just Do It!

Toilet break? Do you have a dentist appointment? How about heading towards a team member to talk about football? Our cool Nike designed “Just Do It!” footwear reminds our fantastic team that walking away from their station is a joyful no-no! Just do the Work mate - It’s what your paid for!


We don’t like spending more for real estate just to work, that’s just daft! Lets stand up and rejoice! Haha! But seriously - once Umano is on, you can’t sit until your manager scans the barcode and helps you out, fresh and fit for home.

Want to slack off? The patented anti-coordinated handi holster informs the stylish user unsolicited attempts to rest, sit, eat, or use any unsanctioned equipment will render the user inoperative.


Simona Mosca e Demis Pascal Parco d'arte Quarelli