Droga do Polska



On the return home from Glasgow having inducted a new family into his organisation, Alex Fisher sees little sleep earned when his phone rings at five am, unbeknown to Alex, his toughest assignment is about to take fold.


For twenty years Alex’s career has served him well, now controlling a sizeable portion of England’s underworld. A former Commander in France’s Foreign Legion, his wide underground network and influence provided connections including once brother-in-arms, Backá, now a powerful North African warlord.

Alex, having fought his own challenges has seen wealth and death in equal measure, his watchful eye and strong grip of the regional families and newcomers biting at his heels earned him the moniker of The Technician. But his desire for greater sees him in the folds of new power brokers and regimes finding him in need of strengthening his hand as the linchpin of the Chelsea 6, headed by the premier of Iqaluit, the Silk Road’s black route into Canada, who saw a need for a partnership with the governing houses, the speakeasy duo - known as The Accountant and Cash Converter, and Ms Eco, a fiery elusive Hungarian ecologist who liked nothing by or for humans, and the enigmatic silver-spooned infiltrator Whisper, the five year coalition was built to keep the body count low and trading high, now viewing themselves as the peacekeepers of the cities and streets they originally set fire to.

Agreeing on an opportunity to seize the 1500 mile verboten road between Russia’s border through Poland to the UK, the six specialists meet at the airport for a job in the North Silesian underworld headed by Dr Vice at The Institute, expecting to take their places as the new kings and queens of Europe capitalising on the UK’s growing isolationism following the manufactured fear of “other” by the political powers and the closing doors of the Central European black market. A spiralling series of events changes everything they thought about their way of life and identity.

The six companions illicit journey takes them to The Institute, an underground training hub for new world thinkers hidden deep in the city of Katowice sees identities pulled, manipulated and controlled to positions where truth and alt-fact become entwined with both reality and fiction across a transnational journey unencountered. The road To Poland takes on issues of migration, trafficking and the paradox of meta-identity, old rules of engagement and revenge on the precipice of a critically explosive and divisive Post-Brexit European landscape, during which the companions learn more about their fellow recruits, with the layers of hidden secret identities and ambitions becoming more exposed with each step forward culminating in the loss of both the team and organisation as their new European partners have other plans awaiting them all.

Based on true events.

Droga do Polski. 2019