Ian Barrington has 30 years experience in visual arts and design working with a range of uk based and international organisations and high profile brands, specialising in contemporary collections and expertise in masters; Ian has a global engagement chain of suppliers,  curators and high end artists.


Educated to MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts, London. His own career includes the production of paintings and sculpture installations with global private and corporate collections in hotels and art organisations, having delivered events and exhibitions internationally, in addition to delivering training programmes, workshops and seminars for a wide range of clients. Make an appointment today to discover more


Understanding the relationship of a key collection or landmark identity for the home or office. Complete sensitivity is provided - experienced with working on projects with a number of high profile identities.

Ian has a unique position through his continual relationship across Asia and Europe, published on contemporary and traditional culture and politics working with a number of institutions in Central Europe and India. Join as a private collector for a bespoke personal collection for the home or contact as a trade client, build your corporate identity with an original collection that encourages creativity in the workforce.

Business coaching for artists


Through a combination of individual or group talks; we deliver coaching for emerging artists, enabling participants to learn how to produce a "buyable" portfolio and making themselves a brand. Positive methods in creating a good network of professionals, art lovers and collectors, also using the internet and social networking as a tool for successful marketing.


Courses are an essential post-education developmental tool to help establish the many avenues, pitfalls, and navigation of the visual arts world. 

The sessions are suitable for artists at all stages and adults of all ages


Fully trained and highly experienced to Higher Education level, Training and Development, together with a background in start-up business enterprise and business development, graphic design and exhibiting within the visual arts internationally.


Session fee rates are hourly and one-to-one or group

and made to be an affordable business tool.

Groups of 10+ fee at 20% discount

Studio visits may incur appropriate travel expenses


Each topic is 45minutes with an additional 15 minute Q&A and can be booked for solo artists or groups and geared to meet developmental needs




Introductory Topics


  • Introductory overview 1-1 only* 

  • Portfolio review


Directed session topics


  • Creating a portfolio for galleries and open call selection committees

  • My statement and artists CV, how to get it right

  • Self curating, create a story and theme

  • Networking, social media works for YOU

  • How and when to talk to your followers and online friends

  • Who are your followers? Isolate the true connections and promote yourself

  • Marketing tools

  • Financing projects

  • Recognize what sells, without selling yourself out

  • What is a good network? Big, small or one that works

  • Finding art spaces and galleries, how to approach and when to apply

  • Investment in oneself

  • What galleries work best for you, Promoting, their networks, their ambitions

  • Art fairs, markets, events and exhibitions. Is there a difference?

  • Realise your product potential, think outside the box

  • Learning the circuit, markets, fairs and galleries

  • Hard copy promoting media

  • Social butterfly or studio hobbit

  • Methodologies in approaching the public at art exhibitions, fairs and markets



Practical Development


  • Refining your art

  • Portfolio development for live exhibitions

  • Self curating. How? Why? What is curating?



* highly advisable to include an additional directed session topic


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