Locally sourced bamboo and straw, bound with jute. 


Built and presented for Bangla Biennale exhibition, the project outcome was to deliver a unified message of environmental importance that impacts the local largely farming community of 3000 in Komdhara, West Bengal. The village lies by the Giya River, one of the many waterways that feed from Hooghly River. Out of season "Mother" Giya lies exhausted from the heat as does the hardened iron rich clay soil that surrounds it,

cultivated by hand and irrigated from the river and streams to grow the stock of foods including cucumber, cauliflower and rice. as to used like many for washing and bathing. 

Mother represents the birth place of Kolkata's region, the importance of the river and goddess Kali who watches of her children. A lotus flower represents purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth. A ideology far removed from the blight of waste that scars the lands. 
Two flowers, closed as to protect its purity, made from local naturally found resources was installed on the villages main lake.